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Shareholder Protection

Keep your business safe with shareholder protection insurance

The most important cog in the wheel of any successful business is the people who work for it, and this is always the case in the boardroom where crucial decisions are made. Those who have a major stake in the company, and therefore some vital input, can easily make the difference between an average year and a sensational one.


In the event of the death of a key shareholder, the continuation of the status quo can be extremely hard to maintain. And if that individual’s shares are left to his or her estate then they could be taken up by family members who have little or no interest in the company. Worse, they could try to change the way things are done, potentially resulting in major and unwanted upheaval.


It might even be the case that the estate has no interest in having the shares and would wish to sell them to an existing shareholder. This may be just fine in many cases, but of course there will be a wait for probate to take its course. All in all, this can be a messy affair that could prove extremely detrimental to the overall health of the business.


There is a solution, however, and it’s one that Insured Right can help you with. Shareholder protection insurance would allow you to have peace of mind if a major shareholder dies, thereby enabling business as usual for the everyday running of the company. This type of policy is one of many professional insurance products, and it’s one that could benefit your organisation immensely.

No fuss, no stress, no disruption

With such a policy in place, when a key stakeholder dies funds will be made available so that their shares can be purchased by other shareholders at a reasonable price. The process is quick, and it also ensures a sum of money for the deceased’s family. The overall disruption to the running of the company should then be minimal.


It’s also possible to include a form of critical illness cover within the policy, so that it can pay out when someone falls seriously ill. Their stake can be sold to other board members, for example, and the family can have access to funds to help pay for medical bills and items such as adapting the home for wheelchair access and hiring specialists such as occupational therapists and nursing care.


One of the most important aspects of shareholder protection insurance is that it takes away uncertainty about the future of the company in the event of the death of a key individual. Succession planning is vital in the modern business world, and we can help you to implement it.


The team at Insured Right know all there is to know about professional and personal insurance services, and we provide access to a comprehensive range of policy options from across the market. To find out more, call 01382 279 087 soon. We look forward to having a chat with you.

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