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Group PMI

Ask our specialists for the ideal group PMI policy for your business

A significant proportion of companies offer group private medical insurance to their workforce these days, but how do you know you’re choosing the right policy for your business needs? Choosing one can take time and effort, but Insured Right can do all the hard work for you, leaving you to focus on other matters instead.


Group PMI can be a highly effective benefit, enabling employees to jump the queue when looking for specialist medical care. Avoiding waiting lists and seeing a medical professional at a time and place that suits them can be crucial for a speedy recovery, and can of course enable them to return to work much sooner.


There are a number of group PMI providers competing for your custom these days, and their policies and plans may differ significantly from one to another. Here at Insured Right, we know the market inside out and will be able to offer you all the advice and guidance you need before making your choice.


Everything from relatively routine appointments to complicated surgery can be covered, depending on what you want and how much you wish to pay. Making sense of this often complex issue isn’t easy, but it can be a piece of cake when you have our team on your side.

The choice of policy is all yours

Some schemes even include opportunities and encouragement for your employees to adopt a healthier lifestyle, with incentives like membership to gyms and discounts on fitness equipment. The choice, as always, will be up to you when deciding what to factor in and what to leave out.


You’ll find group PMI schemes to cover all sizes of workforce, so no matter how large your organisation may be there will be a policy that suits your needs. As is the case with group life cover, group PMI is rightly seen as a significant benefit to employees, making your company more attractive to potential new recruits.


Our friendly and knowledgeable team members know how busy you might be, and how much easier it will be if we do the policy searching for you. To find out more about group PMI via Insured Right, all you have to do is call 01382 279 087 soon. We look forward to helping you.

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