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Directors Insurance

Cover all eventualities with director’s insurance from Insured Right

Running a business is never easy these days, but if you have the right kind of directors’ insurance in place you can at least focus on managing the company with a higher degree of peace of mind. It’s so important to make sure you and your key performers are protected in an increasingly uncertain world.


Important individuals within the company, such as directors, executive officers, owners and partners, carry a great deal of responsibility. Their decisions can and will have a major impact on employees, customers, investors, business regulators and even members of the public.


People in such positions need to be protected against litigation from others. Failing to provide adequate directors’ insurance can leave them exposed to all sorts of problems, so if you run a business of any size you should be ensuring that you have a robust and reliable policy in place.

Protecting your directors against various potential issues

There are a number of issues that can lead to litigation, including accidents within the workplace, negligence by the company, a breach of trading regulations and allegations of unfair dismissal. Each of these may not be the result of a director’s actions, but if no insurance is in place it could lead to significant problems.


If directors and key personnel within your company are insured, their personal wealth will be protected in the event of compensation claims and suchlike. Issues such as legal fees and successful monetary claims against the organisation will be covered by the policy, leaving those individuals to focus on the success of the business rather than having to worry about their financial future.


Many familiar insurance companies provide group life cover for business customers these days, and they also offer excellent directors’ insurance policies for organisations in all areas of industry. There are many issues that can lead to litigation against an individual director, and these can range from business sector to business sector, of course, but the principles are the same.


With so many professional insurance options available, it’s not always easy to know which will apply to you. To find out more about the type of cover you need, and to obtain a policy that perfectly matches your requirements, talk to the team at Insured Right soon on 01382 279 087.

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