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Business Exit Insurance

Finding the right business exit insurance with Insured Right

Business owners, managers and major shareholders will know how important it is to start a business on the right footing, but it’s just as important to think about how best to leave the company. This is a hugely important process, whether you’re passing the reins on to someone else or closing the firm altogether.


They say the best time to think about exiting a business is around the time you start it, but if you haven’t thought about it before now could be a good time to start. If you plan to exit your business at any time, you will want to do so in a way that minimises your tax commitments, transfers responsibilities smoothly and leaves the organisation healthy for those taking over the reins.


There are a great many professional insurance options on the market these days, and knowing which ones best suit your needs isn’t always easy. Here at Insured Right, our mission is to match the right individuals and organisations with the right policies, so it always pays to speak to our specialist team for advice and guidance.


We can find you policies covering issues such as public liability, business interruption, shareholder protection and just about anything else. Whether you’re about to start a new business or you’re looking to exit smoothly from the company, we can help you do so without damaging the health of the organisation.


One call to our friendly and knowledgeable specialists is all you need to find out more, so call 01382 279 087 to start the ball rolling. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

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    Business Exit Insurance
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