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Mortgage Cover

Insured Right can lead you to the best mortgage cover

For most people, a mortgage represents the largest loan we’ll ever take out, leading to the most expensive purchase we will ever make. Most mortgages cover a period of 25 years, and because of that it’s a commitment that cannot be taken lightly. It’s a serious purchase, and as such it’s a serious issue.


We all like to think we’ll remain happy and healthy for the full term of the mortgage, but if you suffer an accident or a serious illness would you still be able to meet the monthly repayments on time and in full? For many of us, that answer is likely to be a very emphatic no.


To face the future with peace of mind, mortgage cover is highly recommended. Usually referred to as Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance, this form of cover is designed to protect you in the event of sickness, accident or even the loss of your job.


In many instances, the policy will only cover you for a twelve-month period, although there are longer periods available at a higher cost. As always, it’s worth considering all the options that are on the market before signing up to one. Here at Insured Right, we’re only too happy to explain the plus and minus points of each policy.

A policy designed to match your pocket

The amount of money you will receive when you make a claim will depend on the amount you pay in premiums. Many people find the cost of life insurance products to be confusing, but with our specialists on your side the whole process will be explained to you clearly and concisely.


Unlike whole of life insurance, mortgage cover will only be in place for the duration of the loan period. And while most mortgages last for 25 years, policies are available to cover all time periods. It’s reassuring to know that this major purchase will be protected should any worst case scenarios ever occur.


With most policies, payments made to you will be capped to a specific figure, and this needs to be borne in mind if you have a particularly large mortgage. Usually, a policy will pay out a month or two after sickness or unemployment, but there are some ‘back to day one’ policies which are available from some providers. Our team will be happy to discuss variables such as these before recommending policy options to you.


For many people, insurance of any kind can be a complex issue that makes it difficult to choose the most appropriate cover. It really doesn’t have to be like this, however, so make sure you speak to the team at Insured Right before taking out a policy. We’re available right now on 01382 279 087, and we look forward to clearing the clouds of doubt for you.


We hope to hear from you soon.

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