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Building & contents Insurance

Find the best building & contents policy with help from Insured Right

We all need to protect our homes and our possessions, and that’s why building & contents insurance can be an absolute must. There are so many insurance providers these days, so the market is swamped with policy options, but how will you know you’re choosing one that matches all of your requirements?


Here at Insured Right, our mission is to do the hard work on your behalf. We can sift through all the policies that don’t suit your needs, leaving you with options that are tailor-made for you, your budget, your property and your possessions. Life is so hectic these days, so it makes sense to let us take the stress away from your search.


A building & contents insurance policy has two separate aspects. The building policy covers the property itself, and will protect your investment in the event of a disaster. Incidents covered include the likes of flooding, fire, burst pipes, subsidence and vandalism. If you have a mortgage, your lender will usually insist on such a policy.

Your home, your possessions, your peace of mind

Your contents insurance will apply to things that aren’t attached to the building itself. This will include possessions such as jewellery, furniture, electrical appliances and even clothing. If you have an indemnity policy, it will help you replace like for like, while a new for old policy will pay for brand new replacements. This option is likely to be more expensive for you.


When you suffer a major trauma in the home, such as severe weather damage or perhaps a burglary, it can be so difficult to cope with he stress. Knowing at least that your insurance will cover repairs and replacement can bring you the peace of mind that you need at this difficult time.


Even incidents that were completely accidental can be covered. This includes the likes of oil spillages, water seepage, fallen trees, lightning strikes, landslips and aircraft damage. As always, knowing what is and isn’t covered by your specific policy is crucial, and that’s why help from our specialists can make a huge difference.


To find out more about the many benefits brought by building & contents insurance, all you need to do is call 01382 279 087. The Insured Right team is ready and waiting to help you.

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