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Why should I get life insurance

So…why SHOULD you get life insurance?

The pressures on your personal finances can be strong at times, but the peace of mind that comes from having life insurance should never be under-estimated. You can find a good quality policy for as little as a few pounds per month, and of course if you are able to pay more the cover that you receive will be even higher.


We all have a strong urge to protect those we love, and various types of life insurance allow you to provide financial protection in the event of your death. Should the worst case scenario occur, at least you know that a lump sum pay-out could help with mortgage repayments, utility bills, personal loans and funeral costs.


Whether you choose specialised products such as critical illness cover or a more straightforward life insurance policy, you can take comfort from the fact that you’ve taken the sensible option. No-one likes to think about potential difficulties on the road ahead, but of course they can and do arise.


For those left behind, trying to cope with the finances after the loss of a potential bread-winner can be exceptionally difficult. Knowing that there’s a family insurance policy in place goes a long way to securing a better future, one that can be faced with a great deal more confidence.

Any time is the right time to think about a life insurance policy

There are a number of times in life that can serve as a catalyst for finding and taking out life insurance. They include the purchase of a home, the arrival of children, getting engaged or married and retirement. Whatever your reasons for seeking cover, we at Insured Right can help to make the process a simple one.


You’ll find a sometimes confusing range of policies on the market, including level term life insurance in which the premiums and the proposed lump sum pay-out remain the same. With decreasing term life insurance, both aspects reduce as the years go by. We can advise you about the most suitable type of policy for your needs, and can then find one that suits your budget.


Whether you’re single or married, have several children or none at all, are in your early twenties or your late sixties, there will be a life insurance policy that matches all your requirements. Life insurance can be a complex issue at times, but we have a team of specialists who can match you with the cover that you need.


Insured Right are about finding the policy that fits, not the one that brings us the most commission. We’re not like the others, we care passionately about matching the right people to the right life insurance. We can help you right now, so please call 01382 279 087 as soon as possible to discover the Insured Right difference.


We hope to hear from you soon.

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    Why should I get life insurance
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