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When should I get life insurance

When is the right time to start thinking about life insurance?

Many people come to us asking when they should get life insurance, but the truth is there is no hard and fast rule about the timing. The basic rule of thumb would perhaps be when you feel the need to protect those loved ones who would perhaps struggle as a result of your passing.


For some, the arrival of children is often the time to start taking various types of life insurance more seriously. If you’re a wage-earner, it’s easy to understand how difficult life could be for those left behind when you die. Thankfully, finding the ideal cover is so easy when you have guidance and support from Insured Right.


Taking out a mortgage represents a significant long-term financial obligation, and that’s why many people consider decreasing term life insurance to provide protection throughout the life of the mortgage commitment. It’s reassuring to know that you and your family will still be able to pay off the debt without suffering further stress.

Policies for all ages and all budgets

It’s often the case that adequate cover becomes more of a priority in later life than it might be when you’re young, but of course it should always be important. As well as several life insurance for over-50s options, Insured Right can provide everything from life insurance for single parents to family insurance that covers every member of the clan.


There isn’t a definitive answer to the question of when to start looking for a life policy, so you need to think about your specific circumstances before deciding what’s for the best. Cover can cost from as little as a few pounds per month, and of course the lump sum pay-out you will receive will be more if the premiums are higher. One of the best things about life insurance is the fact that there are policies for all pockets.


Here at Insured Right, we work hard to make sure you have access to life insurance options that perfectly match your individual needs. We go the extra mile to bring you the best cover at a price you can afford. To find out more about why we’re different from the rest, call our team today on 01382 279 087.

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    When should I get life insurance
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    When should I get life insurance
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